International Admissions


We welcome international student applications at Eastern Arizona College. EAC is here to help you reach your educational goals and offers a variety of degree programs and certificates designed to provide you with a quality learning experience.

Admissions Packet

Download and submit a completed admissions packet from our admissions materials page. Detailed steps can be found on our admissions procedures page.

Application Deadlines

We strongly recommend that you submit all required paperwork at least six months in advance from the time you plan to enroll. All application materials must be received by:

July 1st for the fall semester (August – December)

October 15th for the spring semester (January – May)

While these are EAC application deadlines, each U.S. Consulate or U.S. Embassy has its own process and deadlines for visa applications. Therefore, we highly recommend you check with your local consulate to learn how to prepare for the visa interview, the required documents, and deadlines.


For answers to common questions please see the Admissions Procedures page. If you are having difficulty with the application process or need further assistance, contact the Records Office by phone at (928) 428-8270 or by email.