Upcoming Meetings

April 13, 2023


District Governing Board Members

Jeff B. Larson
Brad Montierth
Richard W. Mattice
Lois Ann Moody
Tina C. McMaster
AACCT Representative
(Arizona Association of Community College Trustees)
EAC District #3
Member since: April 2018
Term expires: January 2027
EAC District #1
Member since: September 2015
Term expires: January 2029
EAC District #5
Member since: November 1974
Term expires: January 2025
EAC District #2
Member since: January 1997
Term expires: January 2027
EAC District #4
Member since: January 2013
Term expires: January 2025
The governing board members are elected by the people in the district in which they reside. Please note that election day is in the November prior to the board member's term expiration date. Board members are elected for a six year term of service.

In the event an appointment is necessary, the appointment is made by the Graham County School Superintendent.



Service of Process


The following District employees are authorized by the Graham County Community College District (GCCCD) Governing Board to accept service of process of any document upon the District:

  1. Heston Welker, Vice President of Administration.
  2. Laurie Pennington, Director of Enterprise Risk Management.
  3. Jodi Keim, Executive Assistant to the President and District Governing Board
  4. Attorney(s) retained by the District.


Process must be served at the District Office, Student Services Building, 615 N. Stadium Avenue, Thatcher, Arizona. Process servers may make appointments to serve the Board’s assistant by calling 928-428-8231.

No other GCCCD employee is authorized to accept service of process for GCCCD or any other party. They will not sign documents to that effect. If asked, they will identify themselves by name and title when you hand your document to them.


  1. GCCCD Cannot and Will Not Accept, Assist in, or Facilitate Service of Process on Individual Employees - Service of a summons and complaint or notice of claim on individual employees in their personal capacity cannot be accomplished through delivery to GCCCD. Personal delivery to the individual is required. GCCCD does not facilitate such service by delivering the process for the third party, making appointments, calling employees to the front desk, communicating on behalf of the party serving process, or any other means.
  2. Subpoenas for Testimony - Generally, subpoenas compelling a person to attend and give testimony at a deposition, hearing or trial must be delivered to the named individual witness. GCCCD is not authorized by any individuals to accept, waive, or facilitate such service. However, if the anticipated testimony involves information the employee is believed to have acquired or witnessed in his or her official capacity, or if the employee is expected to speak as a witness representative of GCCCD, the party issuing the subpoena is encouraged to contact the Director of Enterprise Risk Management at 928-428-8488 in advance of any attempt to serve the subpoena. Advance discussion may help avoid undue delays, burdens, and costs.
  3. Subpoenas for Records – Please refer to Paragraph 2 above.
  4. Subpoenas from Outside of Arizona - Subpoenas from state courts outside Arizona must be issued and served in accordance with Arizona rules. Subpoenas issued by the courts and agencies of states other than the state of Arizona are not enforceable in Arizona unless they are issued in accordance with an Arizona procedure, and will not receive a response.
  5. Garnishments- Writs of Garnishment that are served in the manner required for a summons by rules of the court in civil matter must be served on the GCCCD at the District Office, Student Services Building, 615 N. Stadium Avenue, Thatcher, AZ.