Submit Forms

Financial Aid and Veteran Services provides each student with access to a secure online portal for managing, requesting, and submitting requested documentation.  By logging in you will have access to:

      • Complete financial aid forms from your phone, tablet, or computer
      • Submit Appeals (SAP)
      • Request a Dependency Override
      • Request reconsideration of income on your current FAFSA® application
      • Submit verification documents

Student Forms allows students to securely upload documents, e-sign forms, and will send automated reminders to finish tasks.

Authenticate your Student Forms account
  1. Login to your Gila Hank Account
  2. Select: Financial>Financial Aid: Select the hyperlink “Submit Financial Aid Documents Online”
  3. Create Account: Verify your personal identifiable information & create a password (keep it safe, for future use)
  4. Log In: Once you have successfully verified your account, you will be redirected to Student Forms
  5. Needs Action: After you have logged in, view the “Needs Action” screen
  6. Manage Requests: You can request to open an appeal. If you are unsure which award year to choose for a request, please confirm with Financial Aid and Veteran Services Office
  7. Follow instructions: for each task and click on the “Submit” button
  8. Upload Documents:  Attach any additional documents required to complete the appeal for review
  9. Create an e-sign Pin: To sign your appeal digitally, you must create a 5-digit pin
  10. Finalize: Once you have finalized all tasks click on the “Finish ” button

All tasks must be completed before processing your FAFSA® application or appeal for federal financial aid.

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