SBDC Business Analyst, Torey Cranford, Accelerates Certification

Torey Cranford, a business analyst at Eastern Arizona College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), has successfully completed the rigorous 60-hour business training required for her initial Business Analyst Certification, accomplishing this milestone in half the standard time. This achievement underscores Cranford’s dedication to enhancing support for local entrepreneurs in the Gila Valley.

Having been a client of the EAC SBDC for several years, Cranford’s extensive experience and fervor for the center’s mission have propelled her to contribute actively to the region’s business growth.

“Continuous learning is key to being effective in your role,” Cranford emphasized, highlighting the importance of her certification. “The benefits for me are the knowledge that I can share with my clients.”

Typically, EAC SBDC business analysts have a 12-month window to fulfill the 60-hour training requirement, covering various business aspects. Cranford not only met but exceeded this requirement, accumulating 80 hours of training within an impressive six-month timeframe. This expedited process reflects her commitment to acquiring knowledge that will better serve the EAC SBDC’s diverse clientele.

The Business Analyst Certification involves a comprehensive approach, including training lectures, webinars, and hands-on learning. Cranford, who instructs the DreamBuilder program at EAC, utilized this opportunity to both teach and re-learn the program. Additionally, she actively participated in the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Small Business Bootcamp, leveraging insights gained to benefit both herself and EAC SBDC clients.

This accomplishment holds significant implications for the Gila Valley community as Cranford, armed with an enriched knowledge base, is better positioned to guide local businesses in their growth endeavors. Gila Valley residents aspiring to start a new business or elevate existing ventures are encouraged to reach out to Cranford at the EAC Small Business Development Center.

Expressing her enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, Cranford stated, “The more knowledge I have, the more knowledge I can share and guide them in the right direction.”

For inquiries or assistance, entrepreneurs are invited to contact Torey Cranford at the EAC Small Business Development Center by phone at (928) 428-8590 or via email at




SBDC Business Analyst, Torey Cranford, Accelerates Certification