Eastern Arizona College Repertory Theatre Company presents: A Double Feature

THATCHER, Ariz.— Get ready for a night of double the drama, double the laughs, and double the fun, as Eastern Arizona College’s Repertory Theatre Company presents a double showcase: “Godmother” and “Jack Dalton.” These back-to-back performances run May 2-4, 2024, at 7 p.m., in the SC-3 Theater. Admission is $5/person and tickets are available at www.eac.edu.

In “Godmother,” audiences will be treated to a riotous comedy farce that follows the chaotic encounter of two rival gangsters at a seedy motel. Led by the formidable gang bosses Victor Antula and Sal Monela, tensions run high as their respective crews clash in a battle of egos and hidden agendas. Amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of Orlando, a gang member yearning for a simpler life. When he crosses paths with Julietta, Antula’s daughter, sparks fly, igniting a forbidden romance.

Warnings: This production contains simulated gunshot sounds, firearm usage, and one slightly suggestive scene.

“Jack Dalton,” a melodrama set against the backdrop of the opulent Dalton estate, follows the nefarious schemes of two villains determined to claim the Dalton fortune for themselves. Their target? The virtuous hero, Jack Dalton and his steadfast ally Bertha Blair, the estate maid. Warnings: This production contains firearms, but no gun shot sounds.

For tickets visit eac.edu and click “get tickets.” Admission is $5/person and tickets are available at www.eac.edu.

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