Brand Standards and Information


Since 1888, Eastern Arizona College’s brand has told the story of who we are and why we are important. It sets us apart from the rest, communicates the quality of our services, and uses distinct imagery to evoke feelings of spirit and pride. EAC’s new brand identity takes its design cues from more than 300 surveys and 15 comprehensive focus groups held with students, faculty, staff, and community members. It replaces the College’s mountain logo that was created in 1997 and modernizes Gila Hank for use in digital platforms.

Changes to Gila Hank

Eastern Arizona College has been known as the Gila Monsters for more than 100 years, and Gila Hank has been our mascot since 1947. Reg Manning, a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for The Arizona Republic created Gila Hank at the request of an EAC instructor 75 years ago. The Stetson-hatted, two-gun-toting Gila monster has been our official mascot ever since. Although the original Gila Hank will remain as a classic look on campus touchpoints, a new Gila Hank will now be used as the College’s primary mascot mark.

For ultimate brand recognition, the new Gila Hank design includes the shield from EAC’s primary logo and stylized lettering unique to EAC. It is the culmination of input that indicated change was needed, but that Gila Hank should remain a strong, confident, and bold fighter.

Changes to Our Primary Mark

EAC’s new primary logo is a foundation mark that is used for maximum brand recognition. It features a shield reminiscent of the main architectural element used in past and current campus structures. Within the primary logo’s shield is an “EA” monogram. Limiting the shield to two letters from the College’s acronym allows the monogram to remain legible within extreme space constraints.

For more information on EAC’s brand identity system, please contact EAC’s Marketing and Public Relations Department at (928) 428-8911.