Community invited to join EAC’s Symphonic Choir
By Gideon Burrows


EAC's Symphonic Choir performs with local community members

The Symphonic Choir at Eastern Arizona College reconvenes this week and invites all interested individuals to join them for the semester. Unlike other vocal groups, this choir was specifically formed to allow community members to continue singing as part of the College’s music program. The ensemble is open to singers of all abilities ages 14 and up; no audition is required to join.

“The Symphonic Choir exists to provide our community additional experiences to be uplifted through singing, to engage with great literature throughout the year, and to share this delight with others,” said Gideon Burrows, EAC director of chorale music. “It does not matter how good or developed you think your voice is. If you like singing, we want you to come and just have fun with us.”

In addition to other smaller selections, the choir will be preparing to sing John Rutter’s Gloria at the opening concert of the Spring Sing Choral Festival in April. “This 17-minute work consists of three-movements and will be performed with organ, brass, and percussion as well as a combined chorus. The effect of the whole work is rather exciting and it has long been one of my favorite choral pieces!”

The choir rehearses from 6:30-8 p.m. each Thursday beginning on Jan. 19, 2023. If you have any questions or are unsure about joining, you are invited to come to the orientation at the first rehearsal. Those interested in singing with the choir need to register for MUS 133, section #1414, Symphonic Choir. Registration may be completed online at www.eac.edu or in-person at EAC’s Records and Registration Office.

If you have any questions about the group or participation, please contact Dr. Burrows by email at gideon.burrows@eac.edu.


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