Using Gila Hank Online


Gila Hank Online is the college's web-based registration system. The system is accessible via the web from any internet-connected computer, on or off-campus.

Using Gila Hank Online you can:
  • Check available courses
  • Register for classes in real-time
  • Check class schedules
  • Check semester grades
  • Pay your tuition and fees
  • Obtain official or unofficial transcripts
  • Complete course evaluations
  • Update personal information


First time login to Gila Hank Online:
  • To activate your Gila Hank Online account, you’ll need your Monster ID. If you do not know your Monster ID, contact the Records and Registration Office. Call 428-8270 or 1-800-678-3808 ext. 8270 if you haven’t received your Monster ID in the mail.
  • Once you have your Monster ID, go to the EAC homepage and click on "Gila Hank Online" or click here.
  • Click First Time Login
  • Input your Monster ID and enter the other information as requested
  • Choose the password you would like to use with your account and enter it in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields
    • Make sure the password you choose meets the complexity requirements as listed
  • Click Submit
    • If there is an issue with any of the information you have entered, you will receive an error message letting you know
    • If there isn’t an issue, you’ll be able to start using Gila Hank Online immediately after successfully logging into Gila Hank Online the first time:
  • Your Microsoft 365 account will be created which will let you Single Sign On to other electronic resources at EAC, such as:
    • Microsoft 365 (Productivity and Collaboration Tool)
    • Canvas (Learning Management System)
    • Akademos (Online Textbook Store)
    • CampusLogic (Financial Aid)
    • And Gila Hank Online
  • After the initial login to Gila Hank Online, you’ll subsequently access it by clicking the “Login to Gila Hank” button which will bring up the Microsoft 365 Authentication page. On that page, enter your MonsterMail email address and the password you chose.
  • Your MonsterMail email address is your Monster ID plus “”. So if your Monster ID is zzz399, your MonsterMail email address will be
  • Reactivating your Gila Hank Online account after extended non-enrollment:
  • If it’s been more than three years since you’ve been enrolled at EAC, you may need to reactivate your account
  • To do this, go to the initial Gila Hank Online page and click Reactivate Account
  • The reactivation process will be similar to the First Time Login process with verifying your identity and choosing a password


  • The account that allows you to use Gila Hank Online and other electronic resources at EAC is hosted at Microsoft 365
  • Since this account is used for so many things, including ones that you’ll need to complete coursework like Canvas, you’ll want to make sure you’ll always have access by setting up password recovery options
  • These password recovery options can be used if you forget your password or if Microsoft needs you to ‘re-validate’ your identity every so often
  • For information regarding setting up these password recovery options the first time or adding them after that initial Microsoft 365 login, see our FAQ page

Having Issues Accessing Gila Hank Online?

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Make sure you're using your entire MonsterMail address (e.g.,
  • If you are a returning student that hasn't attended EAC in over three years, use the Reactivate Account link on the Gila Hank Online login page