Curricula Audit Reporting System (CARS)


Curricula Planning Made Easier Through DARS

CARS (Curricula Audit Reporting System) is a computer software system that generates reports for students, counselors and academic advisors. An EAC CARS report provides a listing of all the course work required for you to obtain an EAC Degree or Certificate. If you’ve already completed courses, a CARS report shows how your courses apply toward the EAC Degree or Certificate of your choice. You can obtain multiple CARS Reports to see how the courses you’ve completed fulfill the requirements for any EAC Degree or Certificate you’re considering.

    • Helps you plan each semester’s class schedule
    • Keeps you on the right path to graduation by listing both completed and uncompleted requirements
    • Shows you how the courses you’ve completed will fulfill requirements for any degree of certificate

You are encouraged to obtain a CARS report before you begin taking classes and then, regularly, at least each semester thereafter.

CARS reports may be obtained from the Counseling Department and Faculty Advisors.