Placement Testing


What is the Placement Test?

Eastern Arizona College and Gila Community College both administer Accuplacer Classic. The Accuplacer exam tests your skills in reading comprehension, sentence skills (English) and Math, to determine which classes you are prepared to take. Accuplacer is not a pass/fail test and uses a multiple-choice format. There's no time limit on the tests, so you can focus on doing your best to demonstrate your skills.

Accuplacer uses the latest computer-adaptive technology. Questions are presented based on your individual skill level. Your response to each question drives the difficulty level of the next question. It's important to give each question as much thought as you can before selecting your answer.


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How to Take the Placement Test at EAC


Step One: Get admitted to EAC

You only need to be admitted once and you can do this by calling EAC Records/Registration (928) 428-8270 or online.

Step 2: Make an appointment for placement testing

You can make an appointment by calling (928) 428-8253 (Thatcher campus). You can also set up an appointment with a counselor/advisor after you test when you call (928) 428-8253.

Step 3: Review for the placement test

See tips on how to prepare below.

Step 4: Arrive Early

Arrive five to ten minutes early to complete paperwork and receive instructions on testing. Bring a photo ID with you to test. You will not be tested without a photo I.D.

Step 5: Take your time testing.

You will get a copy of your score upon completion of testing.


It is always best to make an appointment for placement tests to ensure a testing spot will be available for you. We test Monday through Friday at 9am and Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 1pm or by appointment. Summer hours are Monday through Thursday with Fridays closed The tests are administered via computer and are not timed. However, so that you won't feel rushed or pressured, you should allow yourself approximately two hours for testing. For many students it takes 1 .5 to 2.5 hours to take Reading, English and Math. But remember - there is no time limit. Each section can be taken separately or all sections can be taken at the same time. There is no fee to take the placement test at EAC or GCC.

Where can I take the test?

The Accuplacer test is offered at Eastern Arizona College (Thatcher), Gila Community College campuses and in Morenci. Contact the campus for test schedule(s).

If you do not live near any of these areas, there are a few testing options:

    • Accuplacer offers a Remote Testing Network. A student can contact and ask if their local college/university participates in the Accuplacer Remote Testing Network. If it does, the EAC Testing Coordinator will generate a Remote Test Voucher and email it to you and the target test site. Then the student follows the directions on the emailed voucher, tests, and the scores are automatically sent to EAC.
    • Contact your local community college and ask if they administer placement tests to students who won't be attending their college. Many do; they also charge a proctor fee for doing so and the student is responsible for paying that fee.
    • CollegeBoard Accuplacer has partnered with B Virtual to proctor the Accuplacer test via remote proctoring. This means that a student could (potentially) test at home for a small fee. B Virtual requires that students have a working webcam, and a computer with a stable Internet connection in a secure location. The fee is $25 per proctored session. If you are interested in this option, email or call (928) 428-8491 for more information.

How can I prepare for the Accuplacer?

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare/review prior to taking their placement test. Preparing for the assessment may help you test out of a developmental course.

  • Official practice questions on the Accuplacer site
  • The Official Web-based Study App (It's FREE)
    This Web-based study app features practice tests in Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College-Level Math, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills. It's accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It will help you become familiar with the content and format of the ACCUPLACER test questions and get immediate explanations of correct or incorrect answers.

Here are some additional review sites:

Do I Need to Take the Placement Test if I Already have ACT or SAT Scores?

Although EAC does not require the ACT or SAT tests for admission, the scores may be used in lieu of a placement test. Depending on the scores received, students who have taken the ACT or SAT tests may not need to take certain sections of the placement test. Students must send their official ACT and/or SAT scores to the Counseling Office for evaluation.


Minimum Score(s) Required:
  ACT SAT EAC Eqivalent Course Placement
English 18 530 85 - 100 ENG 101
      70 - 84 ENG 101 / 110
      38 - 69 ENG 100 / 099
      1 - 37 ENG 055 / 054
Reading 18 430 60 - 100 Meets General Education Requirement
      46 - 59 ENG 091
      1 - 45 ENG 090
Math     96 - 100 MAT 220
      81 - 95 MAT 160,  MAT 171,  MAT 181,  MAT 210
  22 520 60 -  80 MAT 154
      41 - 59 MAT 120,  MAT 140
      20 - 40 MAT 077,  MAT 100
      1 - 19 MAT 100

Are there any other exceptions to taking the placement test?

Students MAY be exempt from the placement assessments if:

    • The student completes assessment testing at another institution and submits the official score report to EAC via scanned email or fax.
    • The transfer student presents official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university to show completed coursework in a corresponding subject with a grade of "C" or better.
    • If a student has completed an Associate's degree or higher, they may present their diploma to the Assistant Dean of Counseling for a discretional waiver.
    • Students who want to register for developmental courses can choose to waive placement testing. See the Counseling Department staff for more information.