Academic Advising


The goal of academic advising is to assist students with developing an educational plan and goals. The student carries the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about life goals and educational plans. Our Counselors/Academic Advisors are to act as a resource of information to achieve those goals.

Types of Advising:

Faculty Advisors are professors who teach in the field you are majoring in. Faculty Advisors are not available during the summer months. You may contact the Counseling Department for assistance during this time.

Counselors/Academic Advisors offer academic advising for all degrees and certificates at Eastern Arizona College.

Advising is strongly recommended for:

    • All new students attending EAC
    • All degree-seeking students
    • All students who intend to transfer to another college or university
    • All students who are unsure of what major they would like to pursue

How to prepare for your visit to speak with an advisor/counselor:


Make an appointment for academic advising by calling (928) 428-8253 or 8425. Walk-in appointments available daily. The EAC catalog and class schedule can be reviewed at In order to have a successful appointment with your advisor/counselor, be sure all steps are taken.

  1. Complete the Form for Admission to EAC and take the placement tests for English, reading and math. You can make an appointment for placement testing by contacting the Counseling Office at (928) 428-8253. If you do not live in the area, placement testing can be completed at a college or university close to you and faxed to our office at (928) 428-2074, or emailed to

    Note: Placement tests have been waived for Spring 2021 semester.

  2. The following items can be very helpful in your advising session:

    • Unofficial transcripts from other schools
    • Placement scores
    • Qualifying ACT or SAT scores
    • Any other testing you feel might be useful
  3. Official transcripts should be sent to:
    EAC Records and Registration
    615 N. Stadium Ave.
    Thatcher, AZ 85552
    Or requested through:
    (National Student Clearinghouse)
  4. The EAC catalog and searchable class schedule can be reviewed at

Student’s responsibilities in the advisement process:

    • Student is expected to be knowledgeable about college policies, procedures and requirements
    • Student should read and understand the EAC Catalog
    • Student is expected to review the class schedule for possible course options prior to meeting with a counselor/advisor
    • Student is expected to contact a counselor/advisor in a timely fashion for registration, advisement or other necessary appointments.
    • Student is expected to know and follow General Education requirements and major department requirements.