Response and


To report a student concern,

please send CARE Team

referrals* to


For emergencies, please call 911.


*The CARE Team email is only checked each business day.  

Our Mission:
    • To promote a safe learning and living environment to our campus community.
    • To provide an interdisciplinary, objective approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention and management of situations relating to students and employees.
Our Purpose:
  • To identify and address concerning individual behavior by gathering information regarding concerns via referrals.
  • To assess the information in a systematic and objective way to determine the most effective response.
  • To define the plan/response to address both the needs of the individual and the safety of the community.
  • To implement the intervention in order to de-escalate a potential crisis, reduce or remove threats, and attend to the needs of the individual.
  • To manage and monitor the disposition of the case to gauge whether any additional follow-up is needed and whether the response was effective.
  • To work in conjunction with appropriate law enforcement, human resource agencies and other applicable parties.
Faculty, Staff and Student Responsibilities:

You have the responsibility to immediately refer any concern or situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress, fear or could possibly result in harm to anyone at the college.  Concerns for safety, including suicidal ideation, suicidal gestures, harm to others, or significant disconnection from reality, should be first reported to 911.  Following a report to 911, a referral should be submitted to the CARE Team at 

Behavioral assessment should not be confused with crisis management.  A "Crisis" may be defined as a situation in which a person may pose an active or immediate risk of violence to self or others.  In these cases, 911 should be called immediately!

Who Are We?

The CARE Team consists of a core representative group from various departments on campus including:  Campus Police, Counseling, Disability Resource Services, Risk Management, Student Code of Conduct , and Title IX.  All EAC employees may be asked to serve on the CARE Team in a consultant capacity on an individual case basis.


Candace Lines 
Disability Resource Services
Lance Lines
Campus Police
Laurie Pennington
Risk Management
Gina Roebuck
Director of Counseling
Candee Skousen 
Student Code of Conduct/Title IX