Withdraw and Cancellation


You are responsible for initiating and completing official withdrawals from classes from which you wish to withdraw through the Records and Registration Office or over the Internet using Gila Hank Online.

Withdrawal before the end of the registration period will result in the course not showing on your transcript. This is known as “Withdrawal Without Record.” Withdrawal from a course after the close of registration will result in a grade of “W” - “Withdrew” - showing on your transcript.   There is a different deadline for each type of course (semester-length, short-term, and summer) that is taught at EAC.

Please see the listing below for the exact deadlines. If you do not officially withdraw from a course, you may receive a failing grade.   Instructors are authorized to withdraw you from courses for excessive unofficial absences, excessive tardiness, disruptive behavior, or inability to perform the required tasks.   Your failure to drop a class after registration, regardless of nonattendance or nonpayment, does not release you from the financial obligation incurred at the time of registration. To ensure your registration is cancelled you must withdraw from the course. To completely remove your financial obligation for refundable fees, you must withdraw from the course during the open registration period for that course.   If you incurred any nonrefundable fees, you will still be obligated to pay these fees.   

Withdrawing from courses may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility, veteran’s benefits, and/or athletic eligibility. If you have received financial aid and withdraw from courses,  please refer to the Return of Title IV Federal Student Aid Policy

Semester-Length Courses:  Students may withdraw themselves through the last day of class, not including finals week to receive a “W” grade. Short-Term and Summer Session Courses: The last day for you or your instructor to initiate an official withdrawal from a short-term or summer session course is the last day of the course.

Grading Repayment of Federal Student Aid Withdraw Dates Contact Financial Aid Refund Policy