Welding Technology

Certificate of Proficiency
Advisors: Nathan McCray, Ernie Baca (Gila Pueblo Campus), John Freeman (Gila Pueblo Campus)

The Welding Technology Certificate program provides the student an opportunity to develop skills using various welding and cutting tools, techniques, and materials in preparation for entry into the welding trades. Welding certification by an independent agency is available.

Curriculum Requirements
DRF 150
Dimensioning and Tolerancing
2 credits
TEC 133
Safety Practices for Industry
1 credit
WLD 101
3 credits
WLD 108
Welding and Metal Fabrication
3 credits
WLD 201
Repair Welding and Fabrication OR
WLD 211
Pipe Welding
3 credits
WLD 260
Flux Cored Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding
3 credits
WLD 270
Technical Welding
3 credits
WLD 290
Welding Certification
1 credit
In addition to the required courses above, select from the following Curriculum Related Courses to complete a total of 30 credits.
AMT 101
Fundamentals of Machining
2 credits
AMT 102
Materials for Industry
3 credits
AMT 110
Introduction to Fab Lab Technology
2 credits
CMP 101
Introduction to Computers OR
CMP 103
Introduction to Computer Based Systems
3 credits
COE 111
Cooperative Education I (Occupational)
1 to 4 credits
DRF 154
Introduction to AutoCAD
2 to 3 credits
WLD 280
Advanced Arc Welding
3 credits
Total Minimum Certificate Requirements - 30 credits

In order to obtain this certificate you must:
• Complete each required course above with a grade of “C” or better.
• File a petition for certificate through your Gila Hank Online account.
• Remove any indebtedness to the College.
• Complete at least 15 certificate credits at Eastern Arizona College.