Associate of Arts Degree
AA-SR 60403
Advisors: Intrumental: Franklin Alvarez, Geoff DeSpain
Advisor: Piano: Chase Moore
Advisor: Vocal: Gideon Burrows

The degree meets the requirements for a bachelor’s degree from a music department at a university, provided you take four semesters of applied music instruction and make satisfactory progress in either voice or a major instrument. Since program requirements differ between universities, the official transfer pathway ( ) of the school which
you plan to attend upon leaving EAC should be consulted in order to adjust this program to your personal needs.
To successfully pursue a college career in music education, you must be able to play at least one instrument well; have some experience and/or training in voice; and possess knowledge of music theory. You must also possess or obtain adequate piano skills.

Curriculum Requirements

Music Theory Requirements

MUS 105
Music Theory I
3 credits
MUS 106
Music Theory II
3 credits
MUS 107
Aural Perception I
1 credit
MUS 108
Aural Perception II
1 credit
MUS 205
Music Theory III
3 credits
MUS 206
Music Theory IV
3 credits
MUS 212
Aural Perception III
1 credit
MUS 213
Aural Perception IV
1 credit
Total Music Theory Requirements - 16 credits

Music Practice and Literacy

MUS 204
Elements of Conducting
2 credits
Total Music Practice and Literacy Requirements - 2 credits

Applied Music Requirements

Upon transfer to a university, all students must perform a placement audition in their area of emphasis. The audition will determine the credit awarded and entry level of applied instruction at the university.

MUS 161
Private Voice II AND
1 credit
MUS 162
Private Voice III AND
1 credit
MUS 261
Private Voice IV AND
1 credit
MUS 262
Private Voice V OR
1 credit
MUS 171
Private Piano II AND
1 credit
MUS 172
Private Piano III AND
1 credit
MUS 271
Private Piano IV AND
1 credit
MUS 272
Private Piano V OR
1 credit
MUS 181
Private Instruments II AND
1 credit
MUS 182
Private Instruments III AND
1 credit
MUS 281
Private Instruments IV AND
1 credit
MUS 282
Private Instruments V OR
1 credit
MUS 183
Private Strings II AND
1 credit
MUS 184
Private Strings III AND
1 credit
MUS 283
Private Strings IV AND
1 credit
MUS 284
Private Strings V
1 credit
Total Applied Music Requirements - 4 credits

Ensemble Participation Requirement

Music majors must enroll in a minimum of one ensemble per semester, typically the major large conducted performing group in your area of emphasis (instrumental, voice, strings, or keyboard).

MUS 111
Marching Band I
2 credits
MUS 211
Marching Band II
2 credits
MUS 125
Jazz Ensemble I
1 credit
MUS 126
Jazz Ensemble II
1 credit
MUS 225
Jazz Ensemble III
1 credit
MUS 226
Jazz Ensemble IV
1 credit
MUS 127
Tenor-Bass Choir I
1 credit
MUS 128
Tenor-Bass Choir II
1 credit
MUS 227
Tenor-Bass Choir III
1 credit
MUS 228
Tenor-Bass Choir IV
1 credit
MUS 129
Soprano-Alto Choir I
1 credit
MUS 130
Soprano-Alto Choir II
1 credit
MUS 229
Soprano-Alto Choir III
1 credit
MUS 230
Soprano-Alto Choir IV
1 credit
MUS 136
A Cappella Choir I
2 credits
MUS 137
A Cappella Choir II
2 credits
MUS 236
A Cappella Choir III
2 credits
MUS 237
A Cappella Choir IV
2 credits
MUS 142
Wind Ensemble I
2 credits
MUS 143
Wind Ensemble II
2 credits
MUS 242
Wind Ensemble III
2 credits
MUS 243
Wind Ensemble IV
2 credits
MUS 151
Symphony Orchestra I
1 credit
MUS 152
Symphony Orchestra II
1 credit
MUS 251
Symphony Orchestra III
1 credit
MUS 252
Symphony Orchestra IV
1 credit
MUS 157
Chamber Orchestra I
1 credit
MUS 158
Chamber Orchestra II
1 credit
MUS 257
Chamber Orchestra III
1 credit
MUS 258
Chamber Orchestra IV
1 credit
Total Ensemble Participation Requirements - 4 to 8 credits

Music Education Requirements

Choose from the list below for a total of 2 credits:

Instrumental Emphasis


MUS 117
Class Instruction in Brass I
1 credit
MUS 118
Class Instruction in Brass II
1 credit
MUS 119
Class Instruction in Woodwinds I
1 credit
MUS 120
Class Instruction in Woodwinds II
1 credit

String Emphasis


MUS 123
Class Instruction in Strings I
1 credit
MUS 124
Class Instruction in Strings II
1 credit

Vocal Emphasis


MUS 292
Diction for Singers I
1 credit
MUS 293
Diction for Singers II
1 credit
Total Music Education Requirements - 2 credits

Piano Proficiency Requirement


A piano proficiency will be expected when music majors transfer to a university. All music majors must successfully complete MUS 256 to demonstrate their piano proficiency. Please note that MUS 155, 156, and/or 255 may be needed to prepare for MUS 256. At the beginning of the first semester of study, music majors have the opportunity to test out of prerequisite levels of piano. Those who do not participate in the skills test will need to register for MUS 155, 156, and 255 before taking MUS 256. Those who are considered deficient based upon the skills test will need to complete the designated courses before taking MUS 256.
MUS 256
Class Piano IV for Music Majors
1 credit
Total Curriculum Requirements - 29 to 33 credits
General Education Requirements
AGEC-A. To complete your General Education requirements, one of the courses taken to fulfill degree requirements must be designated as an Intensive Writing/Critical Inquiry course (IW), Global/International/Historical Awareness (GIH) course, and Diversity and Inclusion (DI) course. Note that a single course may fulfill more than one of the requirements.
ENG 101
Written Communications I
3 credits
ENG 102
Written Communications II
3 credits
Select from Mathematics list here
3 to 5 credits
Lab Science
Select from Lab Science list here
8 to 10 credits
MUS 101
World of Music (GIH) (DI)
3 credits
Select an ART, ENG, or THC course from the Humanities list here
3 credits
Social Sciences
Choose from Social Sciences list here. Choose courses from more
than one department. Music Education majors should take EDU 200,
Introduction to Education, as 3 of the 6 required Social Sciences credits.
6 credits
Additional General Education Courses
Select courses from the list here to achieve a total of at least 35 credits in
General Education courses. If you plan to transfer, consult the catalog or
an advisor from the school you will transfer to as you make your selections.
2 to 6 credits
Total General Education Requirements - 35  credits


Total Minimum Degree Requirements - 64 credits

In addition to completing the required courses listed above with a grade of “C” or better, you must meet the following general graduation requirements to obtain this degree:
• Complete at least 16 degree credits at Eastern Arizona College.
• Attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
• File a Graduation Petition through your Gila Hank Online account at least 60 calendar
  days prior to the end of the semester in which graduation is anticipated.
• Remove any indebtedness to the College.