Electrical Fundamentals

Certificate of Proficiency
Advisor: Mark Andreason

This program provides the student an opportunity to develop entry-level skills in the industrial electrical field. Students will receive a background in the properties and industrial applications of electricity.

Curriculum Requirements
ELT 110
Electricity and Electronics
3 credits
ELT 111
DC Electrical Systems
3 credits
ELT 112
AC Electrical Systems
3 credits
ELT 115
Conduits and Raceways
3 credits
ELT 251
National Electric Code
3 credits
TEC 112
Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics
2 credits
TEC 133
Safety Practices for Industry
1 credit
Total Minimum Certificate Requirements - 18 credits

In order to obtain this certificate you must:
• Complete each required course above with a grade of “C” or better.
• File a petition for certificate through your Gila Hank Online account.
• Remove any indebtedness to the College.
• Complete at least 9 certificate credits at Eastern Arizona College.