Computer Assisted Design and Drafting Technology - Level I

Certificate of Proficiency
Advisor: Doug Griffin

The Level I Computer Assisted Design and Drafting Certificate program prepares students to succeed as a CADD technician. This certification provides students with competencies in the following areas: manual drafting, 3D solid modeling, and residential architectural design.

Curriculum Requirements
DRF 154
Introduction to AutoCAD
2 to 3 credits
DRF 170
Residential Architecture
2 to 3 credits
DRF 271
Advanced AutoCAD
2 to 3 credits
Total Curriculum Requirements - 6 to 9 credits
Select from the following additional courses to complete a minimum of 17 credits:
AMT 101
Fundamentals of Machining
2 credits
AMT 102
Materials for Industry
3 credits
AMT 110
Introduction to Fab Lab Technology
2 credits
AMT 140
Intro to CNC Programming OR
AMT 240
Advanced Manufacturing Production Processes
2 to 3 credits
DRF 150
Dimensioning and Tolerancing
2 credits
DRF 160
Descriptive Geometry
3 credits
DRF 220
Parametric Solid Modeling
3 credits
DRF 230
Civil Drafting
3 credits
DRF 232
Structural Drafting
2 to 3 credits
DRF 262
Commercial Architecture
2 to 3 credits
TEC 133
Safety Practices for Industry
1 credit


Total Minimum Certificate Requirements - 17 credits

In order to obtain this certificate you must:

  • Complete each required course above with a grade of “C” or better.
  • File a petition for certificate through your Gila Hank Online account.
  • Remove any indebtedness to the College.
  • Complete at least 9 credits at Eastern Arizona College.