Automotive Service Consultant

Certificate of Proficiency
Advisor: Lloyd Adams

The Automotive Service Consultant certificate program develops skills necessary for entry into the automotive service consultant/advisor career area. The program is designed to provide in one year much of the basic automotive skills training needed to be productive and efficient in an automotive service consultant/advisor position. Additionally, the certificate program provides salesmanship and customer communication training necessary for this career area.

Curriculum Requirements
Select at least 20 credits from the following courses:
AUT 101
Introduction to Automotive Technology OR
AUT 180
Automotive Service Techniques
2 to 4 credits
AUT 105
Automotive Electrical Fundamentals
2 credits
AUT 106
Internal Combustion Engines
4 credits
AUT 107
Automotive Electrical Systems and Equipment
2 credits
AUT 110
Fuel and Emission Systems
2 to 3 credits
AUT 131
Steering and Suspension Systems
3 credits
AUT 132
Automotive Brake Systems
2 credits
AUT 266
Vehicle Heating and Air Conditioning
3 credits
Curriculum Related Requirements
Select at least 7 - 10 credits from the following courses:
AMT 101
Fundamentals of Machining
2 credits
AMT 110
Introduction to Fab Lab Technology
2 credits
AUT 297
Workshop OR
AUT 299
Independent Study
1 to 3 credits
BUA 259
Business Communications
3 credits
BUS 221
Human Resource Management
3 credits
CMP 101
Introduction to Computers OR
CMP 103
Introduction to Computer Based Systems
3 credits
COE 111
Cooperative Education I (Occupational)
1 to 3 credits
CSL 115
Community Outreach Through Service Learning
1 to 2 credits
SBM 221
Business Ethics
3 credits
WLD 260
Flux Cored Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding
3 credits
Total Minimum Certificate Requirements - 30 credits

In order to obtain this certificate you must:
• Complete each required course above with a grade of “C” or better.
• File a petition for certificate through your Gila Hank Online account.
• Remove any indebtedness to the College.
• Complete at least 15 certificate credits at Eastern Arizona College.