Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Advisor: Dorian R. Nelson

This program of study provides skill-based training for those interested in design and advanced manufacturing with an emphasis on fabrication processes. Instruction will revolve around development of products and production of these products. Core to this degree will be a fabrication laboratory concept of sharing ideas and producing innovative products using manual equipment and automated machines. This AAS degree is also available as a transfer degree to a BAS program. See your advisor for information concerning the transfer degree.

Curriculum Requirements
AMT 101
Fundamentals of Machining
2 credits
AMT 102
Materials for Industry
3 credits
AMT 104
Machining and Fabrication
3 credits
AMT 110
Introduction to Fab Lab Technology
2 credits
AMT 111
Fab Lab Workshop I
1 to 3 credits
AMT 220
Advanced Manufacturing Methods
4 credits
DRF 150
Dimensioning and Tolerancing
2 credits
DRF 154
Introduction to AutoCAD
2 to 3 credits
DRF 160
Descriptive Geometry
3 credits
DRF 220
Parametric Solid Modeling
3 credits
TEC 112
Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics
2 credits
TEC 133
Safety Practices for Industry
1 credit
WLD 108
Welding and Metal Fabrication
3 credits
Total Curriculum Requirements - 31 to 34 credits with a GPA of 2.0 or higher
Curriculum Related Requirements
In addition to the required courses above, select from the following Curriculum Related courses to complete a total of 40 curriculum credits:
Note: Students can choose a comprehensive program by selecting courses from multiple departments OR students can choose to emphasize their program of study by choosing multiple courses from the same department.
AMT 211
Fab Lab Workshop II
1 to 3 credits
AMT 240
Advanced Manufacturing Production Processes
3 credits
DRF 271
Advanced AutoCAD
3 credits
DRF 299
Independent Study
1 to 3 credits
EGR 102
Introduction to Engineering
4 credits
ELT 110
Electricity and Electronics OR
AUT 105
Automotive Electrical Fundamentals
2 to 3 credits
ELT 271
Programmable Logic Controllers OR
ELT 273
Process Control and Programmable Logic Controllers
3 credits
SBM 110
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
3 credits
TEC 191
Industry Internship I OR
TEC 299
Independent Study
1 to 4 credits
WLD 101
3 credits
WLD 201
Repair Welding and Fabrication
3 credits
WLD 211
Pipe Welding
3 credits
WLD 260
Flux Cored Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding
3 credits
WLD 270
Technical Welding
3 credits
Total Curriculum Related Requirements - 6 to 9 credits with a GPA of 2.0 or higher
General Education Requirements
ENG 101
Written Communications I or higher
3 credits
MAT 100
Applied Mathematics or higher
3 to 5 credits
Select a sufficient number of credits from the list of General Education courses here to obtain the 18 credits required. You may not exceed nine credits in any GE category, with the exception of Health and Physical Education where the maximum is two credits.
Total General Education Requirements - 18 credits

Courses listed in Curriculum Requirements that qualify for General Education credit (see the General Education section of the catalog) may fulfill both General Education and Curriculum Requirements unless General Education Requirements are specified in the major. Each course taken to satisfy the General Education Requirements of this degree must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Elective Requirements

To earn this degree you must select a sufficient number of elective credits numbered 100 or above to obtain the 64 credit hours required. For students earning the AAS degree, it is highly recommended students choose electives from the Curriculum Related courses. For students transferring to a BAS program, it is highly recommended students choose additional General Education courses to complete the AGEC-A requirements. If you plan to
transfer, consult the catalog or an advisor from the school you will transfer to as you make your selections.


Total Elective Requirements - 6 credits
Total Minimum Degree Requirements - 64

In addition to completing the required courses listed above, you must meet the following general graduation requirements to obtain this degree:
• Complete at least 16 degree credits at Eastern Arizona College.
• Complete each required course above with a grade of “C” or better.
• Attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
• File a Graduation Petition through your Gila Hank Online account at least 60 calendar
   days prior to the end of the semester in which graduation is anticipated.
• Remove any indebtedness to the College.