Commercial Driver License (CDL) Program

Licensed CDL drivers are in high demand, and with a minimal investment of time and money, EAC can prepare you to attain your license.  Our class sizes are small to provide an ideal student to instructor ratio.

You will learn the ins and outs of the vehicle and essential road and vehicle safety procedures in the classroom. When you take a seat behind the wheel, you will put that knowledge to the test by practicing your driving skills in a closed course and on the open road.

Depending on how quickly you acquire your learner’s permit and get your drive time in, you can be ready to test for your license in as little as eight (8) weeks.

EAC offers a refresher course (CDL 110) for an additional 15 hours of driving and instruction for those who need more time behind the wheel.

Permit Requirement   Training Schedule   Tuition and Fees

CDL Career Paths
Truck Transportation
Wholesale Trade
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Tuition and Fees

Prefix Title Credits Tuition Fees Total
CDL 100 CDL Prep 2 $186.00   $186.00
CDL 101 Commercial Driving: Closed Course 2 $186.00 $200.00 $386.00
CDL 102 Commercial Driving: Behind the Wheel 1 $93.00 $300.00 $393.00
        *Total $965.00
        With Testing $1,315.00
Testing Not a student - Providing the vehicle       $350.00
  Not a student - Needing to use school vehicle       $500.00

*Total does not include testing fees by ADOT or an Authorized Third Party Testing facility. 
*EAC is an authorized third party testing facility.  
 *Testing at EAC is an additional $350. 

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*2021 national median pay, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Program Contact
Mashayla Kleinman
Mashayla Kleinman
CDL Program Coordinator
(928) 428-8430
(928) 235-6619 (text only)
Admissions Office
(928) 428-8332
(800) 678-3808 x 8332