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EAC Fine Art Council designates Talana Hooper as the Presidential Spotlight artist for Spring 2021

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EAC Fine Art Council designates Talana Hooper as the Presidential Spotlight artist for Spring 2021

By Lori Dugan


EAC’s Fine Art Council recently selected local artist, Talana Hooper, as the Presidential Spotlight artist for Spring 2021. She was nominated for this designation by her EAC art professor, Deanna Cluff.

Born and raised in The Gila Valley in the community of Central where she still resides with her husband Steve, Hooper graduated from Thatcher High in 1971 and earned her associate’s degree from Eastern Arizona College in 1973. She then attended Arizona State University majoring in humanities with an emphasis in music, art history, and theatre.

The oil painting temporarily on display in EAC President Todd Haynie’s office is entitled, “Prairie Prayer.” It was painted by Hooper in 2019 and depicts a child praying by a covered wagon. It was inspired by the story of six-year-old Charlotte Clark, who had no shoes as her family journeyed west across the plains.

“Every night she prayed to have some shoes,” explained Hooper. “One day, she and her sister asked their mother to let them pick berries from a patch they spied along the trail. When they reached the berries, Charlotte found a pair of good sturdy shoes. She tried them on, and they fit perfectly! She ran back to her mother and told her that her prayers had been answered, and that Heavenly Father even knew her shoe size! The wagon master told the family that they needed to hang the shoes on the wagon for a week. If no one claimed them, they would be Charlotte’s. Of course, no one claimed them!”

“Eastern Arizona College will continue to celebrate outstanding students’ artwork by displaying new pieces throughout the year and by moving the outgoing pieces to new locations around campus to be enjoyed by everyone,” said EAC graphic design professor and member of EAC’s Fine Art Council, Jeff Henley. “Congratulations to Talana Hooper on this designation!”