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The Student Learning Center (SLC) provides a study center and unlimited free tutoring for all currently enrolled EAC students. The SLC is open 7 days a week to meet your tutor and Internet needs. The SLC provides tutoring in most general ed courses. Students can walk in any time to use the computers, to print, to study, and/or to receive tutoring. Students can also call 928-428-8446 to set up an individual appointment to work with a tutor at a different time than the advertised daily schedule. The SLC has the only student kitchen on campus where you can store and prepare your food or make a free PB&J sandwich from staff donations. A Student Food Bank with free take home food items for EAC students is provided by Basha's and Safeway every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that the SLC is open. The Student Learning Center newest services is an online tutoring service for paper review. Papers can be submitted by attachment to using Word or Googledocs.

The SLC provides:

  • 13 computers with Internet and a campus hot spot for wireless
  • 2 computer labs, 3 study rooms with computers
  • Drop in tutoring based on the advertised schedule
  • Appointment tutoring
  • Open 75+ hr/wk to meet your schedule
  • 20+ tutors
  • Courses tutored this semester:
    • Astronomy
    • Biology
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Microbiology
    • BUA
    • BUS
    • Calculus
    • Chemistry
    • CMP 103
    • English
    • Writing
    • Literature
    • HIS 101
    • HCE 116 & 240
    • Linear Algebra
    • GE0 101
    • MAT 077, 100, 120, 140, 154, 156/7, Finite, Stats, Trig
    • Physics
    • PSY 101 & 250
    • Spanish
    • World of Art
    • World of Music
    • Public Speaking
  • free printing up to 25 pages/day
  • free student supplies such as notebooks, paper, pens, flashdrives, etc.
  • student kitchen with free PB&J to make a sandwich
  • Student Food Bank
  • Learning commnunities
  • study groups by request with a tutor


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