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Eastern Arizona College currently administers two student employment programs, one funded by the federal government (Federal Work Study-FWS) and the other funded by EAC (Institutional Work Study-IWS). The purpose of these programs is to help students who have a demonstrated financial need contribute financially toward their college education; and to assist the college in performing duties that do not require full-time employees. Work Study students will not be employed to replace full-time personnel. These specific duties are to directly contribute to the operation of Eastern Arizona College as a whole. Institutional Work Study (IWS) is funded by Eastern Arizona College and is not subject to the same federal regulations as Federal Work Study. The work experience received through either Work Study employment program can enhance a student's education by providing an enriching job environment while developing usable job skills and beneficial work habits. This document sets forth employment practices established by the federal government and Eastern Arizona College. It is prepared as a reference for students and supervisors who are involved in the Work Study employment programs.

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