Student Learning Center

FREE tutoring is available for many of EAC's classes at the Student Learning Center located on the corner of College avenue and Church Street or Bldg. 20 on the campus map or call (928) 428-8446 for more information. Make it a habit to start working with a tutor early in the semester!


English Tutoring

Writing Tutors are available at the Writing Center (AP 128).


Tips For Effectively Using A Tutor

You will find Tutors most helpful if you:

  • Go to a tutor only after you have tried to do the work yourself or having done the assigned reading still have unanswered questions

  • Go to a tutor as soon as you have questions or concerns about a class (the night before the exam is probably too late!)

  • Go to a tutor seeking answers to specific questions (writing questions down if possible)

  • Above all, go to a tutor willing to ask for help!