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Physical Address:

Stadium Ave. & Railroad St.
Student Services Building,
Counseling Department, Room 138

Mailing Address:

Eastern Arizona College
Testing Services/Counseling
615 N. Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, AZ  85552

Call for office hours.


Identification is Mandatory for Test Takers

Acceptable forms of photo ID include:

  • EAC ID
  • Driver's License or State ID
  • U.S. Passport
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Naturalization Card

A valid picture ID is necessary for all testing.

Candidates are strongly advised to refer to the appropriate and relevant literature provided by the test company for a complete understanding of acceptable forms of identification required for presentation on the day of the test.

Please note:

  • All activities in Testing Center are subject to audio and video surveillance/recording.
  • Testing is by appointment only.
  • All services require a current, valid photo ID.
  • Phones must be powered off.
  • All personal belongings (watch, hat, phone, drink, sunglasses, etc.) must be secured in a locker prior to taking an exam. We provide a free locker while you are testing.
  • No children are allowed in the EAC Testing Center


Placement Testing

Placement Test Score Release Form

If you would like a copy of your placement test that you took at Eastern Arizona College or Gila Community College to be sent to another college or university, please complete the Placement Test Score Release Form (above). Then, along with a clear photo ID, email it to the location on the form. Note: Scores are kept on file for two years.


What is Placement Testing?

We want to make sure you have success in your classes. That's why placement--putting you at the right level of coursework--is important.

There are several ways to placement test at EAC, Gila Pueblo, and Payson:

If you have graduated from high school in the last five years, we use a process called Multiple Measures to place you.

We take your high school transcript information and any college-prep test scores (SAT,ACT) to place you in mathematics and writing. After being admitted to EAC, log into your Gila Hank account. On the Home page, click on the Upload document(s) for the Records Office link. Then email testing.center@eac.edu and let them know your document has been uploaded. You will receive an email when your documents have been recorded and placement has been determined.

If you are registering for EMT103 or NUR100, you will need to complete placement testing. Please contact testing.center@eac.edu to schedule a placement test. The Nursing Program also requires Reading placement testing to apply to their program.


How can I prepare for the Accuplacer?

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare/review prior to taking their placement test. Preparing for the assessment may help you test out of a developmental course.

  • Official practice questions on the Accuplacer site
  • The Official Web-based Study App (It's FREE)
    This Web-based study app features practice tests in math, including Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics, and Advanced Algebra and Functions, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills. It's accessible from a computer or or smartphone. It will help you become familiar with the content and format of the ACCUPLACER test questions and get immediate explanations of correct or incorrect answers.

Here are some additional review sites:


How long does placement testing take?

For many students it takes 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to take Reading, English and Math. But remember - there is no time limit. We recommend each section be taken separately for best results.


Where can I take the test?

The Accuplacer test is offered at Eastern Arizona College (Thatcher), EAC Gila Pueblo, and EAC Payson campuses. Contact the campus for test schedule(s).

If you do not live near any of these areas, there are a few testing options:

  • Accuplacer offers a Remote Testing Network. A student can contact testing.center@eac.edu and ask if their local college/university participates in the Accuplacer Remote Testing Network. If it does, the EAC Testing Coordinator will generate a Remote Test Voucher and email it to you and the target test site. The remote site most times will charge a fee (which the student is responsible for). Then the student follows the directions on the emailed voucher, tests, and the scores are automatically sent to EAC.
  • Contact your local community college and ask if they administer placement tests to students who won't be attending their college. Many do; they also charge a proctor fee for doing so and the student is responsible for paying that fee.
  • CollegeBoard Accuplacer has partnered with Examity to proctor the Accuplacer test via remote proctoring. This means that a student could (potentially) test at home for a small fee. Examity requires that students have a working webcam, and a computer with a stable Internet connection in a secure location. The fee is $25 per proctored session. If you are interested in this option, email testing.center@eac.edu or call (928) 428-8491 for more information.


Is there a fee to take the placement test at EAC or GCC?



Do I Need to Take the Placement Test if I Already have ACT or SAT Scores?

Although EAC does not require the ACT or SAT tests for admission, the scores may be used in lieu of a placement test. Depending on the scores received, students who have taken the ACT or SAT tests may not need to take certain sections of the placement test. Students must send their official ACT and/or SAT scores to the Counseling Office for evaluation. (testing.center@eac.edu)


Minimum Score(s) Required:




(post 3/1/16)

Course Placement





Reading Exempt





ENG 101





MAT 154 or MAT 140


Are there any other exceptions to taking the placement test?

Students MAY be exempt from the placement assessments if:

  • The student completes assessment testing at another institution and submits the official score report to EAC via scanned email (testing.center@eac.edu.)

  • The transfer student presents official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university to show completed coursework in a corresponding subject with a grade of "C" or better.

  • If a student has completed an associate's degree or higher, they may present their diploma to the Counseling Coordinator for a discretional waiver.

  • Students who want to register for developmental courses can choose to waive placement testing. See the Counseling Department staff for more information.


How to Take the Placement Test at EAC

  1. Get admitted to EAC
    You only need to be admitted once and you can do this online.
  2. Make an appointment for placement testing by calling

    (928) 428-8253 (Thatcher campus)

    (928) 425-8481 (EAC Gila Pueblo)

    (928) 468-8039 (EAC Payson).

  3. REVIEW for the placement test (see How can I prepare for the placement test)
  4. Bring a photo ID with you to test. You will not be tested without a photo I.D.
  5. Arrive five to ten minutes early to complete paperwork and receive instructions on testing.
  6. Take your time testing.

We test Monday through Friday at 9am and Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 1pm or by appointment.

The tests are administered via computer and are not timed.


Course Scoring Matrix

Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Next Generation
Course Placement    
20-44 200-240 ENG090
45-64 241-249 ENG091
65-120 250-300 Meets General Education
Competency Requirement
  18    480*  
Sentence Skills
Next Generation
Course Placement    
20-54 ENG055/054
55-74 200-265 ENG100/099
75-120 266-300 ENG101   18    480*  
Next Generation
Course Placement    
20-69 Not administered MAT100
70-120 Not administered MAT077, MAT100
Elementary Algebra
Quantitative Reasoning,
Algebra & Statistics (QAS)
Next Generation
Course Placement    
n/a 200-236 MAT100
50-76 237-262 MAT077
77-108 263-300 MAT120, MAT140
109-120   MAT154
College Level Math
Advanced Algebra &
Functions (AAF)
Next Generation
Course Placement    
(use Elem. Algebra score)
n/a n/a
31-49 200-236 MAT120, MAT140
50-64 237-262 MAT154   22#     530**  
65-96 263-275 MAT156, MAT157, MAT160
MAT171, MAT181
97-120 276-300 MAT210, MAT220

* SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing score is used
** SAT Math Section score is used
# ACT & SAT Math score minimums: students can choose to enroll in MAT140 or MAT154


GED® High School Equivalency Testing

The GED test is available to all persons who do not have a High School Diploma and are interested in completing the General Education Diploma (GED) test series. Learn more below or sign up today at the GED website. Once you create a MyGED™ account it will become your online portal to sign up, study, schedule, check scores, and more.

The exam is available in both English and Spanish

To learn more about the GED tests visit the Arizona Department of Education website or visit GED.com


How to Register and Take Your GED

  1. Create a free profile at www.GED.com
    If you need assistance, call GED Testing Service at 877-392-6433.

  2. Schedule and pay for your test online at www.GED.com in your MyGED account.
    You will be prompted to pay for your test using a debit, credit, or prepaid card online.

  3. Show up on the date you choose at the testing center you selected.
    Arrive 15 minutes early; late arrivals may not be able to test and may be charged full price even if they do not test.
    You MUST bring a government issued photo ID. The ID must match the name entered in GED.com

  4. After testing, check your scores online at www.GED.com
    Scores are available within 48 hours (2 business days).

Once all five tests are passed, your diploma will be mailed from the Arizona Department of Education to the address recorded in your MyGED profile, in 1-3 weeks.

Sixteen and 17-year-old individuals can take the GED in Arizona. Before scheduling can occur, 16 and 17-year-olds are required to bring the following to Eastern Arizona College Testing Center in the Student Services Building in Thatcher, AZ. Please call ahead to ensure staff are available.

  • a notarized and dated letter from a parent/guardian giving permission to test

  • a signed official school withdrawal from the last school attended and

  • a goverment-issued photo ID


About the GED Test

There are five tests you must pass. However you must pass the following four with a minimum score of 145 on each test to earn a GED:

Subject Area Time Limit Cost
Mathematical Reasoning 115 minutes $35.00
Reasoning Through Language Arts 150 minutes $35.00
Science 90 minutes $35.00
Social Studies 70 minutes $35.00

Arizona requires that candidates also have to pass a U.S. Civics Test to get their diploma. A study guide can be found here

Passing for GED is getting 60 out of 100 questions correct.


GED Retesting

A GED candidate can take the GED test six times per year. If you need to retake the subject a fourth, fifth or sixth time during the year, you must wait 60 days from the last time you took the test.


Accessing Scores and Transcripts

GED Recipients and Third Party Verifiers

An access code is required to print free copies of your transcripts found on MyHSE Arizona Web Portal. If you do not know your access code, please email AdultEd@azed.gov or call (602) 258-2410 with your request.

Transcripts can be ordered through the Arizona Department of Education at this site.


Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue tests are administered at the Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher campus on Thursdays from 12 noon to 5pm, year-round. Some Pearson Vue tests we offer include K-12 teachers, EMT Paramedic, Medical Assistant, CISCO, CompTIA, Patient Technician, and more.

Registering, scheduling and payment for Pearson Vue must be completed via the Pearson Vue website or the exam sponsor site.

On-site registration is not offered for Pearson Vue tests.



What is CLEP?

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 50 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in more than 2,000 test centers. This rigorous program allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit. Students can earn credit for what they already know by getting qualifying scores on any of the 34 examinations. 

Eastern Arizona College CLEP Policy

  • The CLEP test is offered at the EAC Thatcher campus
  • It is the student’s responsibility to check if the college or university they will be transferring to will accept the CLEP test
  • The list on p 39 in 2019-20 catalog lists what CLEP tests EAC will accept and the minimum credit granting score the student needs to earn in each subject
  • Depending on how well a student does, they can earn credits for up to four semesters of classes or 16 credits for CLEP language exams
  • The CLEP is treated like someone transferring in classes from another college/university – the student’s placement scores have no effect on them taking the CLEP test.
  • The student does not receive a grade for passing the CLEP. Therefore, the CLEP will not affect their GPA


How Do I Prepare For The CLEP?

  • There are some free practice questions on the CLEP site
  • There are downloadable study guides for $10 each on the CLEP website https://clep.collegeboard.org/
  • modernstates.org offers a free voucher for the cost of CLEP exams if you take their free online courses.
  • A College Composition Practice App is available for purchase on the CLEP website.


Registering and Scheduling a CLEP and Cost

  • Register for the CLEP on this website - clep.collegeboard.org/
  • Email testing.center@eac.edu to make an appointment to take the CLEP test. We will make every effort to work with your schedule
  • The CLEP cost is $104 total – $89 goes directly to CLEP when student registers and $15 gets paid to EAC.
  • On test day:
    • Bring a valid state or Federal issued I.D.
    • Pay the $15 administrative fee to the Fiscal Office in the Student Services building
    • Bring your email from CLEP on test day. There is a ticket ID code in the email from CLEP to the student that needs to be entered by the proctor on test day
    • Allow two hours minimum when scheduling the CLEP test.
  • Scores are automatically generated at the end of the CLEP test for all tests but the College Composition test. Those are graded by the College Board twice per month.
  • Student should allow 2-4 weeks for scores to be posted to their EAC student record

Non EAC Exams

Eastern Arizona College Testing Center, Thatcher proctors both paper/pencil and computerized exams for students attending other colleges and universities who wish to complete their exams in our facility. We also proctor professional certification exams by appointment only. It is the student's responsibility to verify (via email at testing.center@eac.edu) that Testing Services has received their exam/certification prior to their scheduled appointment - please include student name, school, course and name of exam on all inquiries.

Please contact EAC Gila Pueblo and EAC Payson campus directly regarding their respective policies.



There is a charge of $25 per exam;

If you are a current or former Eastern Arizona College student, the non-EAC proctoring fee is waived.



Submit Proctored / Certification Exam Requests to:

Jerri Lukens, Testing Coordinator
Eastern Arizona College
615 N. Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, AZ 85552

Phone: (928) 428-8491
Fax: (928) 428-2074
Email: testing.center@eac.edu


Testing Environment

Our testing area consists of individual work stations in a lab setting. Students are under surveillance the entire time. Candidates will store all personal belongings and all non-essential test items in a provided locker at no cost to the candidate.


Scantron (Castle)

EAC Thatcher

The Testing Center administers Scantron Testing. Castle offers a variety of certification and licensure-type tests. Registration and payment can be found here.