Housing at EAC

Campus Living Advantages

Attention Students!

Attention Parents!

Convenience -- Residence halls are located on the north end of campus within a three-minute walk of food service, free parking, Gherald L. Hoopes Jr. Activities Center, Library, U.S. Post Office, and Computer Labs. Maximum ten-minute walk to classes. Fixed Costs -- Room and meal plan are paid at the beginning of each semester. Your student will always have a room and meals even if they spend all their money! They will not be stuck with the rent if their roommate moves out!
Freedom -- 24-hour access to halls via keys issued to each resident. Safety and Support -- Residence halls staff are trained to monitor the security of the hall and to help your student with roommate or other personal concerns.
Extras -- All rooms have WiFi, free basic cable TV, and optional private telephone hookup. There are card-operated laundry facilities in each hall. Quality of Life -- Many students live off-campus in order to reduce costs. They often sacrifice privacy by sharing space with several other people and end up eating only junk food. Residence hall living and campus dining ensures a higher quality of life at an affordable cost of approximately $27-$38/day for the academic year.