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Dale Young
Dr. Dale J. Young

Chair of Theatre
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Scott Dahl
Scott Dahl

Associate Professor of Theatre Design and Production
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Chase Moore
Chase Moore

Associate Professor of Music and Director of Musical Theatre
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Admissions Department
Admissions Office

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Theatre Arts

Come to Eastern Arizona College, where you can shine in the spotlight! In the Department of Theatre Arts, we take great pride in our curricular programming and our dynamic seasons of high-quality shows. Our goal is to offer students a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum in the Theatre Arts and to prepare emerging artists for the next step in their careers. Upon graduation from EAC, many of our students continue their pursuit of higher education, while others immediately seek to enter the professional workforce of the theatre industry. In order to meet these needs of our students, we employ an integrated approach to our craft which focuses on learning, research, practice, and application through the study of stagecraft, performance, design, dramatic literature, and the historical, literary, and cultural roots of the theatre arts.

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Theatre Arts (AA)

The Associate of Arts Program in Theatre Arts offers dynamic learning opportunities in acting, stagecraft, scene design, stage make-up, costume design, play analysis, and more. Our outstanding curriculum meets the targeted requirements for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program at a college or university – which means you can transfer in as a junior. Please consult the official transfer guide to tailor your curriculum, since degree requirements may differ between universities.





"The Theatre program at Eastern Arizona College taught me not just to love theatre, but to love learning. I learned how to listen and respect other people, how to work with people, and how to push myself beyond what I thought I could ever do. I always felt inspired during my time in Theatre, and I knew I was surrounded by people who cared for me and were there to help me succeed in all of my goals. The EAC Theatre program was one of the best decisions I made in my life as an aspiring artist and as an individual in general. It was a tremendous growth experience, one that I would not trade for anything, and I encourage anyone and everyone to embark on the incredible journey that we call Theatre."

- Richard Hovelsrud, Class of 2016

"What I loved most about my time in the Theatre Arts Department at EAC was the amount of hands-on experience and training you receive. Each class is structured in a way that is so active and personal. From doing scene work in Acting I and Acting II all the way up to applying your own knowledge and skills in the Repertory Acting Company, you are immersed in a creative and collaborative classroom environment.

I took so many tools and perspectives with me when I left that have helped me so much as I have moved on in my education. I learned how to collaborate with other students, how to work hard with cast members to make and achieve art, and how to integrate the technical tools and aspects of acting, directing, and design. These skills have been instrumental to my learning and success."

- Tyson Lund, Class of 2017

"What I loved most during my time in the Theatre Arts Department was being able to experience more than one job within the theatrical field. I was able to serve as an actress, stage manager, lighting designer, scenic crew, costume assistant, and more!

The Theatre Arts Department offers a great opportunity for its students. Freshman can get stage time that they normally wouldn't see at a bigger university. If you want to experience or learn a specialty in the theatre arts, the professors will help you get the full experience, as well as encourage you to try new things.

I learned a lot of different skills within the theatre world, and that has assisted in my transfer to a larger university. As a Stage Manager, I have been able to apply these skills and knowledge to my current work in the professional world and in university productions. Because of my experiences at EAC, I am a better communicator and collaborator with designers, professors, and other students."

- Kylie-Jo Soto, Class of 2016

"What I loved most about my time in the Theater Arts Department at EAC was how strong the sense of community was among the faculty and students. People were always willing to help or listen; it was almost like a second family.

The Department of Theatre Arts offers students the individual attention they need to help them grow as performers as well as community, lots of opportunities to perform, and dedicated and personable instructors.

Not only did my theatre classes at EAC help me grow as a performer, they gave me a stronger sense of confidence, creativity, and interpersonal skills that will help me in whatever career path I choose. Theatre classes taught me how to collaborate effectively with my peers and made me a more dedicated and harder worker."

- Elizabeth Dannenbrink, Class of 2017


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