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Sociology Welcome

Welcome to the wonderful world of sociology at EAC. Sociology
is the study of human social life and social interaction.
Sociology as a field of study has a fascinating
past and an exciting future; for instance,
much of the civil rights work in America
was moved forward by sociologists!
Students who take sociology classes
often find the understanding of society
they gain helps prepare them with the
"people skills" part of any career field.
Come learn more about the field of Sociology.

- Wayne Flake, Sociology Department

Sociology Student Experience

We Think You'll Fit into Our Program

“I love learning about different aspects of life and everyone's different opinions and views. I am preparing to be a social worker. These classes help me gain so much knowledge.”

“101 was a very good foundation, whetting my appetite to pursue a deeper understanding of sociological worldviews and how they are used in society.”

“My instructor is very professional and capable. His analogies and illustrations are humorous and intelligent. I like his teaching style, ability to communicate with students, and his up-beat nature.”

“I know I'ma a nuisance. I called and emailed a lot for extra help. Even though I was so annoying, he was always helpful and returned my emails right away.”

Sociology Transfer and Careers

Working as a Team: The University, EAC and You

Transferring to the university after EAC couldn't be easier. We've done the
hard part for you by setting up articulation agreements with the three
Arizona schools as well as other universities in the west.

Sociology is a very broad-based area of study. It prepares
you for a wide range of careers. Graduates who go on
to get four-year degrees work in people-oriented areas like:

  • Social Services

  • Counseling

  • Administrative Support

  • Teaching

  • Library Services

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Social Science Research

Sociology Curriculum

Wading into the Details

Sociology Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

Provides the first two years of a four-year program in either
sociology or social work. The field contains a variety of specializations
and career applications in human society and social planning including:
college teaching, social research, and planning and administration for
government and private institutions. Areas of specialization include
criminology, demographics, communications and public opinion,
race and ethnic relations, social work, family relations, linguistics,
the medical field and many other areas.

Program Requirements | Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

Sociology - Contact Us


Please call or email us to find out more about the Sociology program at EAC. We’re happy to answer your questions.


Wayne Flake
Sociology Department
(928) 428-8351

Contact our Admissions Office for info on
college admissions, housing, scholarships
and financial aid or to schedule a
campus visit.

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