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Psychology Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Eastern Arizona College. The interest and innate curiosity that has brought you this far will serve you well as you explore with us the relatively young science of behavior and mental processes. EAC offers an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology, which includes your completely transferrable 35-36 unit general education core (AGEC). The coursework in this degree program has also shown to satisfy the preparatory major requirements for a baccalaureate degree in Psychology (to ensure transferability, always check with your transfer institution first).

The courses we offer at EAC in Psychology cover a wide spectrum of topics that will prove stimulating, challenging and rewarding for our students whether they are Psychology majors or not. Coursework in Psychology can also provide a solid background in psychological principles and techniques that can enhance work in other Social Science fields, as well as work in the fields of education, business, law enforcement, and the health professions. We encourage you to visit EAC, talk with our instructors, and meet other students in the Psychology program here…we know you’ll like what you find!

- Nan Pennigton, Psychology Department Head

Psychology Student Experience

What's on Our Students' Minds

“Eastern Arizona College was a great school to accomplish my prerequisites before moving on to the University of Arizona. There were so many things to do while at EAC. The class sizes were small, I knew who my instructors were, and I also met my future wife. I was well prepared to continue my educational pursuits at the University of Arizona.”

Dr. Dylan Boday
Research Chemist
EAC Class of 2002

“It surprised me how many learning opportunities, both in the lab and out in the field, there are at EAC. I haven’t heard of a two year college with the undergraduate research experiences that can be found here. I get to find out firsthand about my career interests before I go further in my educational pursuits.”

Sophomore Jason Lunt

Psychology Transfer and Careers

We'll Help You Reach the Cheese

A psychology education will be useful in many different careers. Students often major in psychology to prepare for careers in related fields such as personnel relations, occupational and personal counseling, medicine and dentistry, social and case work, marketing, administration, the legal profession, or counseling and teaching in the public schools. Psychology study also enhances work in other social sciences and in such professional fields as education, business, law enforcement, and health-related fields.

Or you might be interested in graduate work in psychology. Graduate training in psychology prepares you for a career as an academic psychologist (teaching and research), clinical psychologist (mental health centers, institutions, and private practice), industrial and organizational psychologist, and government psychologist (research, administration, testing).

Psychology Curriculum

Don't Worry. It's All Planned Out.

Psychology (AA)
This Associate of Arts degree program meets the requirements for the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s program at a college or university. The courses satisfy the Arizona General Education Curriculum. That means you can transfer in as a junior. Please consult the official transfer guide to tailor your curriculum, since degree requirements differ between universities.

In the psychology program, specific courses are designed to expose you to foundational issues and important theoretical concepts in psychology, as well as presenting applications of psychology to your daily life.

Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

Psychology - Contact Us

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