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Political Science Welcome

There’s a lot of focus on politics these days. But how exactly does the American political system work? And why is it important? In the Political Science program, you can learn these answers and open your eyes to the effects of politics all around us.

You can take courses that count towards your general education requirements, and/or earn an AA in Political Science. If you’re an Education major, we offer the required courses on the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions.

Whether you take one poli sci class or earn your AA for transfer to a university, I hope to see you in the classroom soon!

- Patrick Lukens, Political Science Faculty

Political Science Student Experience

Passionate Involvement

“As a student studying in the Department of Political Science at EAC, I was provided with an empowering educational experience. The classes were interesting and helpful in understanding the current political climate. My professors were not only passionate about the subjects they taught, but they were also passionate about supporting and encouraging the success of their students. They worked to equip their students with the skills and practical knowledge necessary to achieve their goals. After leaving Eastern Arizona College, I went on to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science; I am now working on my Master’s Degree. I believe that my experience at EAC provided the foundation, the passion and the skill needed to achieve my future academic success. I highly recommend this program.”

- Ashley Crockett Mazal, 2005

Political Science Transfer and Careers

A World of Possibilities

A degree in Political Science can be the foundation for a career in government, public policy, politics, law or education, just to name a few. After earning your AA from EAC, you could enter a college of education and obtain a bachelor’s degree and a secondary teacher’s certificate to start a career in education.

Another path is to complete a bachelor’s degree in political science. Following this, you might enter law school, employment in government or enter graduate school for further and more specialized work in political science.

Political Science Curriculum

Founding a Strong Future

Political Science (AA)
This Associate of Arts degree program meets the requirements for the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s program in political science at a college or university. That means you can transfer in as a junior. Please consult the official transfer guide to tailor your curriculum, since degree requirements differ between universities.

Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

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