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The Eastern Arizona College Media Communications Program is crafted to give each student a well-rounded education in all fields of film that can be applied to the real world. The program is hands-on learning at the highest level. Eastern Arizona College has invested in equipment and the latest software used at the professional level. Our audio and video editing courses get the students prepared to be certified by Avid Technology software in Media Composer and ProTools. Digital media is the wave of the future but is already here. Cinema, Documentary, Cinematography, Video Editing, Audio Mixing and Screenwriting are the many classes that prepare our students to become future storytellers. We are here to help guide you and to be helpful in your higher education and career preparation. If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

- Glen Robert Cashetta, Media Communications Professor


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Quotes from Students

"The Media Communications program at EAC gives you many of the tools you need in order to succeed in this field. Unlike many other schools, you have the access to cameras and equipment, which gives you a taste of what the real world is like. My two years at EAC gave me valuable knowledge that I will definitely use in my future career."

- Nahomi Pardo


"Being in the media program has given me opportunities to expand my creative thinking and has given me the skills to help pursue my dream of movie production. This program is a great place to be, no matter what you are into when it comes to all media platforms. Every angle of education is covered here. What is there not to love?"

- Xavier Thibodeaux


"The world of sound is such an interesting concept in media to me. You not only have music theory but also the science of the craft. The media department at EAC truly allows you to witness for yourself the beauty of sound. The experience I have gained using pro tools and the schools recording studio has really shown me just how much of an impact sound has on our world in media. This program truly is great!"

- Thomas Williams


"My classes are interesting and completely hands-on. With the help of my professor, I've been accepted to several internships and am already beginning my transfer application to USC to finish my film degree. Eventually, I wish to pursue a Hollywood occupation in production scriptwriting and producing."

- Sarah Savannah Griffin

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Media Club

EAC's student Media Club is designed to further help students interested in film by giving them opportunities to not only create their own projects, but serve in the community. Members are often asked by local businesses to create commercials and short documentaries – both of which are great resume boosters!

Second-year students also look to the Media Club for help with capstone projects which are then entered into film festivals. Join the "EAC Media Club" Facebook page!


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Avid Certification

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Avid Technology, Inc.

Avid Technology is recognized by top music, post-production, film, television, and broadcast facilities worldwide.

Eastern Arizona College teaches Audio Engineering with ProTools and Video Editing Postproduction with Media Composer from Avid.


Avid Learning Partnership

Eastern Arizona College has joined Avid Learning Partnership (ALP). Avid Technology Inc. is the benchmark for all professional software in the media industry. Avid products like Media Composer and ProTools are used by Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy winners. EAC students are taught by an Avid Certified Instructor on the latest software. Through the EAC courses in Audio and Video Editing, our students can become Avid Certified Users.


Avid Certification

To have Avid Certification for our students, it demonstrates the skills and credentials they need to increase their value, competency, and efficiency in the highly competitive media industry. An Avid Certification serves as validation of a person’s expertise as an Avid User. The Certified Avid User gives employers the peace of mind that they are component in working with Avid Products.


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Transfer and Careers

Filmmakers! Live your dreams and prepare for a media career at EAC. Jobs include:

  • Videographer
  • Producer/Director
  • Script Writer
  • Editor
  • Animator
  • Special Effects
  • Audio Engineer


Salaries in media careers range from $30,000 to $150,000 with the right combination of skills, training, and experience. Enjoy the creative excitement of working at a TV station, in Hollywood, or at a media production company. The media communications industry will give you excellent benefits, opportunities for advancement, and work challenges to keep your job interesting.


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Media Communications (AA)
This program prepares students for entry-level employment in the media communications industry. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in scripting, audio, lighting, cinematography, and editing. By completion of the program, students will have developed and produced various video projects.
Program Requirements | Suggested Semester Course Plan | Program Learning Outcomes


Media Communications (Cert)
This program prepares a student to work in various audio/video development, production, promotion, and distribution occupations.
Program Requirements | Suggested Semester Course Plan | Program Learning Outcomes


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