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History - Welcome

Discover the World of History

History is in the past…so how can you apply it today to your daily life? Join us in the history program to find out! At EAC, our program develops your basic knowledge of history and the critical thinking skills you need to succeed beyond the two-year college experience.

Whatever your major, you can take history courses at EAC which qualify as General Education units towards any AA degree. If you’d like to earn your degree in history, our AA degree in history prepares you to transfer to a history program at a four-year college to earn your bachelor’s degree. Please contact me to find out more. I hope you join us!

- Patirick Lukens, History Faculty


History - Student Experience

Living History

“Studying history and learning from the past has always been a hobby for me. However I wasn't really sure if that's what I wanted to pursue as a career. After taking almost all the history classes offered at EAC, I know now that I want to become a history teacher. The way that it is taught here at EAC makes it worthwhile. The history department teaches history and all its details, aspects, and points of view in a friendly and comfortable environment. Due to the smaller class sizes, there is more interaction with the professor, and questions and doubts can be resolved quickly and respectfully. I highly recommend anyone to take any of the class that the History Department has to offer.”
- Ryan Richens

“What I like about the history department is the fact that the courses are challenging, but the class atmospheres are relaxed.”

“I appreciate the presentation of the material so it relates to my life today and helps me learn from the mistakes of the past so I can help improve the future.”

History - Transfer and Careers

Launch Your Career

EAC’s History program is designed to move you directly into the curriculum at all three of Arizona’s Universities, as well as other western universities. Once you graduate from EAC with an Associate of Arts degree in History, you simply transfer to the university as a junior, and continue your education there.

A degree in history can prepare you for careers in education, a wide variety of government jobs ranging from policy analyst to park ranger, and other public (and even private) sector jobs in the growing field of “Public History.” A history degree can also be a good start on the path toward law school.


History - Curricula

We'll Make it All Make Sense

History (AA)

With a focus on U.S. history, this Associate of Arts degree program meets the requirements for the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s program at a college or university. That means you can transfer in as a junior. Please consult the official transfer guide to tailor your curriculum, since degree requirements differ between universities.

Program Requirements
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Program Learning Outcomes


History - Contact Us

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