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Geology Welcome

Rivers and valleys, rocks and minerals are all around us at EAC! The Geology Program makes the most of our extraordinary local geological environment with field trips to mines, mountains and volcanic areas where we explore and learn. Even our classroom is active, with small, informal classes with lots of group activity. You’ll never look out the window again without a sense of amazement at the wonders outside. Welcome to the eye-opening field of geology at EAC!

- David Morris, Geology Department


Geology Student Experience

Learning from the Past

“Since graduating from EAC, I've continued studying geology at the university level and EAC's Geology program was the best preparation I could've had. My instructors are always quick to tell me how impressed they are with my level of comprehension.” - Steve Hansen
“My geology education has helped me immensely with every step that I have taken. Thanks to Mr. Morris' contagious enthusiasm for his profession, I have also sought a profession that makes me happy. I learned many things in class about rocks, minerals, and other natural phenomena, but most importantly I learned about life and what is required to be successful.” - Anders Peterson
“The best thing about EAC's Geology program is the hands-on interaction with the actual geologic specimens rather than simply studying pictures or the text.” - Julianne Hansen

Geology Transfer and Careers

Flow Smoothly to the University

With a bachelor’s degree in the geosciences, you are almost guaranteed work! There is a shortage of geologists not only in the U.S., but all over the world, so you can likely choose where you want to work. Many geoscientists are employed by industries related to oil and gas, mining and minerals, and water resources.





Geology Curriculum

Dig Right In!

Geology (AS)
The associate of science degree in Geology will meet the requirements for the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s program at a college or university. You can transfer in as a junior and take upper-division work in earth-science fields including geology, geo-chemistry, hydrology and geophysics.

Please consult the official transfer guide to tailor your curriculum, since degree requirements differ between institutions.

Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

Geology - Contact Us

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