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High School teacher and students


No career impacts the future of the United States more than teaching. We would love to help you become part of this incredible influence for good. We will help you reach your goal of becoming an elementary or secondary teacher or even a teacher’s aide.

We provide an invigorating and valuable education with hands-on experience in a classroom setting, and we genuinely care about your professional future. Please call us or come by for a more in-depth look at your path to success in the amazing world of teaching.

- Celinda Palmer, Education Department


A Plus

Students Give Eastern an "A"

"EAC's classes are small and personal, and the instructors do all in their power to motivate, encourage, and instill a desire in the students. After attending EAC, I truly feel capable and excited to be a classroom teacher."

- Maggie Gamble


"When a teacher feels passionate about the subject being taught, it makes it easy for the students to feel that same passion about learning. At EAC, the teachers are excited to be involved with developing minds. This motivates me to work hard so that I can be a passionate teacher in the future!"

- Wendy Smith


"EAC's classes are outstanding! The professors are always willing to help, encourage, listen, and guide you to becoming a better student and influencing your future for positive achievement! After taking and participating in classes, I feel assured and excited for my future in education and all the possibilities that await me!"

- Rachel Larson


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Transfer and Careers

Careers in and out of the Classroom

Did you know that there are twice as many K-12 teachers as registered nurses in this country? And Arizona is the state with the most secondary school teachers. Due to the vast size of the teaching work force, there are many job opportunities. If you’re unsure about working in a classroom, there are many other careers that call on an education background.


Educational Careers

School Psychologist
Corporate Trainer
Ed Tech Expert


Average Salaries:

Elementary Teacher

Middle School Teacher

High School Teacher


Adult learners


These associate degree programs meet the requirements for the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s program at a college or university. That means you can transfer in as a junior.

Elementary Education (AA)
If your goal is teaching elementary children, this associate of arts program includes courses from the EAC general education core as well as specific program requirements in Elementary Education.
Program Requirements | Suggested Semester Course Plan | Program Learning Outcomes

Secondary Education (AA)
If you plan on being a secondary school teacher, you should select a discipline you wish to teach. EAC offers many associate of arts curricula which provide the first two years of a four-year program.
Program Requirements | Suggested Semester Course Plan | Program Learning Outcomes

Technology Education (AA)
If your goal is teaching industrial, technical, or vocational courses, this associate of arts program will prepare you, offering the first two years of a four-year program.
Program Requirements


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