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Electrical and Instrumentation Welcome

In effort to support the revitalization of manufacturing in America, EAC is enhancing their Industrial Technology programs. Electrical and Instrumentation Technology program is associated with Arizona Regional Manufacturing Professional Project (AZ RAMP UP). AZ RAMP UP is a collaborative effort involving Eastern Arizona College, Central Arizona College, Estrella Mountain Community College Southwest Skill Center, and Gateway Community College Maricopa Skill Center to provide state-of-the-art training for the next generation of electrical and instrumentation workers. The Electrical and Instrumentation Technology program provides students with hands-on opportunity to develop entry-level skills which prepare them with the knowledge and skills necessary for an ever-demanding industrial work environment in the technical field of electronics and instrumentation in a manufacturing environment. EAC offers a variety of courses in electrical systems and measurement instrumentation. These courses are primarily oriented for industrial skill level applications but also include residential and commercial applications providing students with a competitive edge in today's workforce.

At EAC we offer an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical and Instrumentation Technology along with an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician Certificate. Come visit EAC and see how we can help you begin a rewarding career in electrical and instrumentation technology.

- Mark Andreason, Electrical & Instrumentation Instructor

Elec & Instr Student Experience

“This is my second year in the Electrical and Instrumentation program. The program was recommended by a former student a couple years ahead of me. I had very little knowledge of electricity. This program is very well set up and organized. Mr. Smith has many years of experience in the field. I now know the base knowledge of this field with more in depth knowledge of specific instrumentation methods. This program is filled with hands on experience that transfers to real life situations. I recently started a job as a technician where I go out to mines and work on several different instrumentation systems. This employer hired me due to my having this degree and I have been able to transfer it over to my work and apply it successfully. Other electricians I work with have seen what I know and are now interested in taking these classes to further extend what they know about this field. I would recommend this program to anyone who might be thinking about going into this field.”

- Colton Morris

Elec & Instr Salaries and Careers

Careers in the field of electrical and instrumentation are very challenging, requiring technicians to use their knowledge and skills to troubleshoot, repair, and install electrical and electronic equipment. Careers requiring the skills of electrical instrumentation technicians include jobs in the field of mining, power generation and utilities, chemical Plants, petrochemical refineries, water and wastewater facilities, and scientific research facilities. Employment opportunities for qualified electrical and instrumentation technicians have a strong outlook even during periods of economic downturns. Many prospective employers have difficulty finding qualified applicants to fill new and vacant positions within their ranks. This phenomenon is mostly credited to an aging workforce where 40% of those working in skilled trades and crafts will be retiring in the next 10 years, resulting in a vacuum of job positions needing to be filled.

Salaries in the electrical and instrumentation field are very competitive due to the high levels of knowledge, skills and experience required. The following represent possible positions and salary ranges available in the Electrical and Instrumentation field:

Instrument and Electrical Technician


Instrument Technician


Maintenance Technician


HVAC Technician


Elec & Instr Curricula

Electrical and Instrumentation Technician (Certificate)
The Electrical and Instrumentation Technician Certificate program provides the student an opportunity to develop entry-level skills in the industrial electrical field. Students will receive a background in the properties and applications of electricity, maintenance of electrical systems, and technical problem solving.
Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

Electrical and Instrumentation Technology (AAS)
The Electrical and Instrumentation Technology AAS degree provides the student an opportunity to develop and upgrade skills needed to be productive and successful in industrial electronics and instrumentation occupations. Additionally, this program develops career skills such as literacy, numeracy, and communication.
Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

Elec & Instr - Contact Us

Please call or email us to find out more about Electrical and Instrumentation programs at EAC. We’re happy to answer your questions.


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Electrical & Instrumentation Instructor
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