Campus Locations

Thatcher Campus Location Abbreviations


AC Activities Center (North Campus, Map Bldg. #2)
AHL Allied Health Lab (North Campus, Map Bldg. #12)
AP Academic Programs Building (Middle Campus, Map Bldg. #16)
BLDG B Art - Building B (Middle Campus, Map Bldg. #13)
BLDG C Art - Building C (Middle Campus, Map Bldg. #15)
CAF Cafeteria, Activities Center (North Campus, Map Bldg. #2)
CBIT Wayne M. McGrath Center for Business and Information Technology (N. Campus, Map Bldg. #10)
CSTMSH Costume Shop (South Campus, Map Bldg. #23)
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FA Fine Arts Auditorium (South Campus, Map Bldg. #27)
FCRB Family Consumer Resources Building (Middle Campus, Map Bldg. #21)
FIELD Softball Field (South Campus, Map Location #38)
GYM Guitteau Gymnasium (South Campus, Map Bldg. #33)
ITB William J. Bone Industrial Technology Education Center (South Campus, Map Bldg. #26)
LIBPR Library Preview Room (North Campus, Map Bldg. #9)
LLT Lee Little Theatre (North Campus, Map Bldg. #2)
MS Math-Science Building (North Campus, Map Bldg. #8)
NC North Campus Classrooms (North Campus, Map Bldg. #7)
NEC Nursing Education Center (Middle Campus, Map Bldg. #25)
POOL Swimming Pool (South Campus, Map Bldg. #35)
RCOURT Racquetball Courts (South Campus, Map Bldg. #36)
SC South Campus Classrooms (South Campus, Map Bldg. #32)
SLC Student Learning Center (Middle Campus, Map Bldg. #20)
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TCOURT Tennis Courts (South Campus, Map Bldg. #34)
TRACK Track at John Mickelson Field (South Campus, Map Location #37)
TRNGRM  Training Room (Guitteau Gymnasium, South Campus, Map Location #33)
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Graham County Location Abbreviations


8THST 8th Street Fitness (3291 W. 8th Street, Thatcher)
ADVAIR Advanced Air Systems (2250 W. Hwy 70, Thatcher)
BAMBI Bambi's Quilting Boutique (414 W. 5th Street, Safford, Behind Domino's Pizza on Hwy 70)
BOWL Safford Bowl (410 E. 4th Street, Safford)
BUSBY Busby Building (801 Central Ave., Safford)
CFS Creative Flow Studios (518 W. Main Street, Safford)
DEBBIE Debbie's (411 W. Main Street, Safford)
DHA Days and Hours Arranged
DISCPK Discovery Park Campus (1651 W. Discovery Park Blvd., Safford)
DPBARN Discovery Park Barn, Discovery Park Campus (1651 W. Discovery Park Blvd., Safford)
EACCA Eastern Arizona College Cosmetology Academy (1550 W. Thatcher Blvd., Safford)
FIZEK Fizek Fitness (2166 W. Hwy 70, Thatcher)
FTHS Ft. Thomas High School (15502 W. Hwy. 70, Ft. Thomas)
GCGSB Graham County General Services Building, (921 W. Thatcher Blvd., Safford)
GOLF Mt. Graham Golf Course (W. Golf Course Road, Safford)
GVC Gila Valley Crossfit (701 S. 5th Ave., Safford)
HAVEN Haven of Safford Care Center, (1933 W. Peppertree Drive, Safford)
HINTAX Hinton Taxidermy, (4953 E. Sanchez Road, Solomon)
JDC JD Ceramics LLC (417 W. 7th St., Safford)
JUPTR Jupiter Room, Gov Aker Observatory, Discovery Park Campus, (1651 W. Discovery Park Blvd., Safford)
MGRMC Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center (1600 20th Ave., Safford)
MTHCH First United Methodist Church (1020 Tenth Ave., Safford)
OLDTHS  Old Thatcher High School (3420 W. Main St., Thatcher)
PHS Pima High School (131 S. Main, Pima)
PFD Pima Volunteer Fire Department (86 S 200 W, Pima)
ROSE Rose Hill WellnessCenter (1059 N. College Ave., Thatcher)
RPELEM Ruth Powell Elementary School (1081 W. 14th Ave., Safford)
RRC Roadrunner Rehabilitation Center (2290 16th St., Safford)
SCC Senior Citizen Center (822 W. Main, Safford)
SDA Safford Dance Academy (517 W. Main, Safford)
SHS Safford High School (1400 S. 11th Ave., Safford)
SSHS San Simon High School (2226 W. Business Loop I-10, San Simon)
SUN Sunshine Valley (1901 S. 20th Ave., Safford)
TBA To Be Announced
TFD Thatcher Fire Department (1150 N. College Ave., Thatcher)
THS Thatcher High School (601 N. Third Ave., Thatcher)

Greenlee County Location Abbreviations


ARTDEP Art Depot (112 Park Ave., Clifton)
CHS Clifton High School (110 Hill, Clifton)
CNTRYCH Country Chic Art & Crafters Boutique (205 SE Old West Highway, Duncan)
DES Duncan Elementary School (101 McGrath Ave., Duncan)
DHA Days and Hours Arranged
DHAC Duncan Heights Activity Center (521 4th Street, Duncan)
DHS Duncan High School (108 Stadium, Duncan)
DPOOL Duncan Pool (106 Skyline Dr., Duncan)
DSCTR Duncan Senior Center (409 High St., Duncan)
DVRFD Duncan Valley Rural Fire District (903 SE Old West Highway, 1776 Fairgrounds Road, PO Box 39, Duncan)
FFC Freeport McMoRan Fitness Center (4521 N US Highway 191, Morenci)
FRBNKS Fairbanks School (156 Fairbanks Rd., Morenci)
GALCO Galleria Coronado (253 Chase Creek, Clifton)
GHR Gila Health Resources (Coronado Blvd and Burro Alley, Morenci)
MFD Morenci Fire Dept. (4521 N US Highway 191, Morenci)
MHS Morenci High School (Stadium Drive, Morenci)
TBA To Be Announced