Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness supports institutional and departmental planning and decision-making through the collection and analysis of accurate, informative and timely data. The department is also responsible for data collection for state, federal, and accreditation reporting.



Shannon Seballos, Director of Accreditation and Effectiveness 928-428-8339

Teresa Bailey, Associate Director of Institutional Research 928-428-8217

Trevor Hart, Institutional Research Analyst 928-428-8245

Bailee Johnson, Part-Time Analyst-SIP Grant 928-428-8911


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Data Integrity, Use and Ethics Statement

EAC Institutional Research and Effectiveness adheres to the Code of Ethics established by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) including objectivity, statistical standards, and confidentiality.

Objectivity: The office conducts all research and activities objectively, excluding bias in the collection, evaluation, and reporting of data.

Statistical Standards: Data is gathered and analyzed according to accepted technical standards, with attention to fairness and accuracy. Further, the College requires that all institutional data for external distribution be generated or assessed by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to ensure accuracy and completeness prior to publication.

Confidentiality: The institutional research office is charged with protecting the confidentiality of individuals that are the subject of data collection activities and maintaining appropriate levels of security to prevent loss and unauthorized access of confidential information. This includes a decree to not release any "information about individual persons [or the institution] that has been guaranteed as confidential, to any person inside or outside the institution except in those circumstances in which not to do so would result in clear danger to the subject of the confidential material or to others; or unless directed by competent authority in conformity with a decree of a court of law" AIR Code of Ethics, Section III(c).


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