Housing Questions

Who do I contact about Housing and Meals?

If you have questions about housing and/or meal plans, contact the Student Life Office at 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8605 or (928) 428-8605 or housing@eac.edu

When do the residence halls open in the fall?

Generally, residence halls open a few days before the beginning of classes to allow adequate time for student to get settled before beginning their course work. See the academic calendar for full details.

What is the cost of a residence hall room and meal plan?

Although EAC housing and meal costs are among the lowest you'll find, they do tend to increase slightly from year to year. For the most accurate cost information on rooms and meal plans, see the Housing and Dining page in the academic catalog.

Can students leave belongings in the room during break periods?

Yes, during the following breaks: Semester Break, and Spring Break. Students may not leave belongings in rooms over the summer.

How do I find out about on campus health issues?

Information about immunizations, insurance and other campus health issues can be found in the online student handbook .

Must residents be in the halls at certain hours?

Students have 24-hour access to their rooms/suites; however, they must be considerate of other residents if they come in at late/odd hours. Every effort should be made not to disturb roommate(s) or other residents in the hall if you come in late.

What type of Police or security force does the College have?

EAC has a full-time campus police unit that has multiple certified officers that provide protection. EAC also enjoys cooperation with local law enforcement agencies that can respond if the need arises.

How do I change my meal plan?

If you are on the reservation list for housing, please contact the Housing Office to make necessary changes. If you have moved into the residence halls, you may make changes to your meal plan through the first two weeks of classes. After that you will be able to add value to your meal Toast App “E-card” as needed.

What is the best or most popular meal plan?

The choice is dependent on individual eating habits. Students must look to themselves for the best answer to this question and decide how they will use their declining balance meal plan.