Advising Questions

Who is my adviser?

Your adviser can be found by going to your curriculum description in the on-line catalog. Undecided students should come to the Counseling Department where you will be assisted in contacting one of the General Education or Liberal Studies advisers.


Can I get an instructor's phone number?

All full-time faculty have their office telephone numbers listed in the catalog and in our Internet directory.


I’m a student with a disability. How do I get help and what services are available?

A student with a disability should contact Gina Roebuck in the Counseling Dept. at (928) 428-8342 or by email at The student should provide EAC with psycho-educational, psychological, psychiatric, or other appropriate diagnostic evaluation, as requested, to document the nature and extent of the disability. Once the appropriate documentation is on file, the student should make an appointment with Gina Roebuck at which time an accommodation plan will be developed. Services available may include tutoring, extended time on testing, reader for exams, a quiet room for exams, a note taker, etc.


I have no idea what my career goal should be. Can you help me decide?

The Counseling Department will help you work towards making a career decision. We can provide testing, and assist you in exploring the many career options available to you. Most importantly we can help you make sure that the courses you are taking at Eastern Arizona College will move you towards your career goal.