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Student Network Access Resource Page

Welcome to EacMonsterNet, a way for students using their own computers to access the internet on EAC's Thatcher campus. With EacMonsterNet, we've created an easy process so that you can get connected in about 20 minutes.

At this time, EacMonsterNet is available via wired network ports in the Residence Towers and also wirelessly at the "Hotspots" identified below. As EAC Computer Services provides additional areas of wired/wireless internet access for students on our Thatcher campus, we’ll continue to update this webpage with those locations.


EAC Acceptable Use Policy

EAC Network Access Standards

Peer-to-peer Networking Standards

Minimum Computer Requirements


Connecting to Residence Hall Networks

Instructions for Common Operating Systems

Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Macintosh


Connecting to On-Campus Wireless Hotspots

How to Add a Wireless Device in Gila Hank Online


Instructions for Common Operating Systems

Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Macintosh | iPad | Android


Wireless Hotspot Locations

Current North Campus Locations:

  • GLH Jr. Activities Center

  • Math-Science Building (MS)

  • Wayne M. McGrath High Tech Center (HTC)

  • North Campus Classrooms (NC)

  • Alumni Library

  • Mark Allen Hall

  • Nellie Lee Hall

  • Wesley Taylor Hall

  • Residence Towers

  • Maintenance

Current Middle Campus Locations:

  • Academic Programs Building & NAU Extension (AP)

  • Student Services Building

  • Student Learning Center (formerly the ASPIRE Den)

  • Nursing Education Building

Current South Campus Locations:

  • Industrial Technology Building (ITB)

  • Fine Arts Auditorium (FA) - Green Room

  • Fine Arts Auditorium (FA) - Piano Lab

  • South Campus Classrooms (SC)

  • Guitteau Gymansium (Gym) & Wellness Center

Current Discovery Park Campus Locations:

  • Gov Aker Observatory


EacMonsterNet Technical Support

Troubleshooting Guide